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Currently Listening to: Paramore

By maggie lindemann

Currently Listening to: Paramore

hayley williams has been a huge inspiration to me in my career. i watch a lot of her live performances to see the way she interacts with the crowd, because that has never come naturally to me and i really admire her authenticity. she is an amazing songwriter and vocalist. paramore will always be my biggest inspiration. i love this cover they did of "someday" by the strokes. the song is an indie rock anthem that captures the angst and uncertainty of youth. it's a reflection on the bittersweet nature of growing up and the importance of making mature decisions to find true fulfillment in life. as a child life seems so carefree and full of endless possibilities but as we grow older, we realize that nothing stays the same forever. the way hayley sings the chorus and the line about lacking depth and needing to mature to find the meaning of life is so raw. the lyrics referencing the importance of working hard to avoid being stuck working hard for the rest of one's life. this cover is amazing.


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